e had no real cultural organization which could take up the gigantic task of acquainting us with our own-selves as a separate nation. To clarify and consolidate the cultural and ideological basis of this new state, the prime need of a comprehensive and vigorous cultural organization was deeply felt by a group of young lecturers, students and cultural workers of Dhaka who had just returned from the battle of our freedom. Their visions were fresh, their creative imagination was still aflame. They lost no time. They rose to the occasion and established such a cultural organization just within 15 days of the creation of Pakistan . Under the bold leadership of Mr. Abul Quasem, a young lecturer of the Department of Physics of the Dhaka University , was born Tamaddun Majlis on the 1st of September, 1947. Tamaddun Majlis seeks to establish this link among cultural and ideological movements operating in different lands.


In this historical occasion, TAMADDUN MAJLIS is keen to listen from you:

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